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jT CarFramework was designed and built exclusively for car dealers and auto traders. We are currently serving car dealerships in all continents!

Our policy

The things we get in life can make us a living. The things we give to people can make a life. Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.

PronsPro CarDealer Software release

The jT CarFramework Project has been renamed to PronsPro CarDealer Software and, have branched from PronsPro system re-factored the entire source code and, added many more resources for dealerships. PronsPro CarDealer Software now has it’s on team of engineers, developers and designers which will make the software even better and attractive!

Car dealer website cms

Following jT CarFramework 2 Series, PronsPro CarDealer Software its a car dealership cms website designed and built for dealers of all sizes. The new release includes responsive design, new tools and, optimization of 2 Series tools. It also includes direct integration with, a dealership marketing platform which allows you to create Online Magazines, QR Coupons and, many more without spending a penny!

We will soon be releasing a large solution which provides tools such as online-magazines, FTP import/export, CSV import for AutoTrader, eCar and others and, many more.

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What we’re up too lately?

We are putting together a complete solution so printing companies will be able to host and maintain their own online designer. What that means? – it means that, we are not only building the actual online-design software but, integrating it with our custom framework (PronsPro). The result will be a full system in which managing and creating templates for your printable products will become easy and reliable!
This will be a system in which you can host all the source yourself which will release you from monthly contracts. Is this the solution for you? Interested to know more? – Check out our demo and featured page!

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Testing our Android App

We are testing the BuyCar.Cheap review app and, we count with your review. Read the QRCode below with your Android to download and install the App!
BuyCar.Cheap  Car Review App

The car dealer platform

jT CarFramework is a free car dealer platform exclusively designed to support vehicle inventory. It was designed and developed using the latest web technologies to provide the viewer a smooth and pleasant experience.

Multi-language support

jT CarFramework was designed to support multiple languages. Besides the possibility to download language packages shared by other users from our car dealer website, the car dealer software comes with a powerful translator interface to allow you to easily translate your installation to any language.

Easy to use Options Panel

There are a lot of settings available for the administrator to customize the information viewers can see, including currency format. Also, a built-in cms allows for the creation of new content pages and menus. Check out our demo page and see for yourself what this open source car dealer website can do for you!

jT CarFramework 2 Series & BuyCar.Cheap integration

BuyCar.Cheap inventory can be directly exported into your installation of jT CarFramework 2 Series. The export process is automate, in other words, you will have your BuyCar.Cheap inventory export to your system daily which, is processed by jT CarFramework 2 Series automation (cron-job). BuyCar.Cheap inventory can also be exported through FTP using the most known CSV list formats! Learn more at BuyCar.Cheap!

Vehicle management system

jT CarFramework vehicle management system allows you to add new vehicles into your inventory and customize each of them to be attractive in a clean layout. Dozens of feature icons are standard and available to help you increase the visual impact of your offers. Better search filters and a user interface are currently being developed with the help of database experts so, keep tuned…

Affiliate Partnership Program

Interested in becoming an Intersoft partner? The Intersoft’s Exclusive Partnership Program (EPP) offers many advantages to our partners through an exclusive partnership agreement. There are no costs in becoming a partner, just advantages. Hard to believe? – Visit out partner page here and see for yourself!

BuyCar.Cheap now online!

BuyCar.Cheap is now available for auto dealership and customers!
BuyCar.Cheap is a powerful auto-dealer listing system which allow dealers to list their inventory, create dealer profile, create online magazines and, many more! It is also optimized for customers to buy and sell vehicles exclusively from dealer through our unique bid system. On it’s first 3 days online, more than 20 dealers have registered and currently holding an inventory of 4+ thousand vehicles! Check it out!

Hosting & Support for jT CarFramework 2 Series


If you have no experience what so ever with hosting, server and/or technical details, continue reading. We offer a complete hosting package for you which includes one (1) domain, unlimited e-mail accounts and, ftp access to your files. The hosting includes a “ready-to-use installation of jT CarFramework 2 Series”.


Within the hosting package you are illegible to a free domain but, you are also able to use your own domain by DNS redirection or transfer. You can choose to have your domain transferred free of cost or register a new domain.


Our hosting package includes free support regarding any technical issue on jT CarFramework 2 Series installation. You will never have to pay for technical issue request!

More information

Don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have any question about the service. We are currently attending by our online live support, our contact form or via e-mail.

Need exclusive demo access?

We are open for requests for private demo installation where a copy of jT CarFramework 2 Series is installed in one of our sub domains and made available exclusively to you. Contact us for booking.

What are we doing lately

We are tireless working on PronsPro CarDealer Software. We’ve been building several modules which will be part of the new framework. Our new release it’s been built over our PronsPro framework, which includes features like, address book, custom mailing system and much more. Modules been developed for the PronsPro CarDealer Software such as  GeoLocation API, Google Map API Integration, Weather tracking API, and ZIP Code Decoder (distance calculator) will be added to PronsPro CarDealer Software.

Ready to get started on your Car Dealership or Auto Trading Business?

jT CarFramework: The Car dealer and auto trading website.

What people are saying about our car dealer solution

  • “Work of a genius! No kidding, I never imagined to find this kind of software offering the support it has, providing the tools it does by the price it has! No more monthly payment, no more IT tickets! I control my own inventory, host my own site and have better tools than my previous provider. All I still pay for is my CRM list which this amazing product allows me to automate! Simply awesome!
    Jay, guys like me loves the honesty and competence of guys like you. Keep it up!

    Kind regards from New Jersey – USA

  • “Best FREE! Car Dealership Inventory Management Website!”I had been searching for a website template to promote our Motor Vehicles on the web, knowing that I would have to find a decent website builder, and pay plenty, not only to build and host, but manage with regular upgrades.JT CAR FRAMEWORK has solved my problem, not only can I do it myself!! but at no cost other than hosting charges.
    Thank you Jay and Devi Team

    A very satisfied and grateful user from,
    South Pacific

    Ruksart – South Pacific

  • Fantastic designer, extremely fast, very professional and has a very high standard work. No arguments or conflicts, provided me with three superb designs and made all necessary revisions to the final design without any complaints (considering the fact I’m a very fussy person). I will definitely use Intersofts in the future for my own and future client work. I was also provided with a clear copyright document which a few other designers have not done in the past without me asking.

    Levent- UK

  • best car Dealership Inventory Management Website with a really diligent, puissant, self-contained. The admin (jay) who answered and helped me in any time with any problem.
    The website has too many features with simple coding to manage your website based your wishes. I really learned php programming form reviewing some codes of jt carframework.

    With special thanks to jay.

    David- Iran

  • Great support, custom functions for a fast business.
    A great help to the used car market. The best useful idea to manage vehicles and people interested to buy or sell the own car! Wonderful project to create a business in a local area.

    AEMMEdia – Italy

  • After searching and searching the internet for different scripts website, I finally found one that really worth. I have found with this powerful , attractive, dynamic and above all very easy to install and use. I speak of jT Framework, first I opted for the free version, but once I installed on my server and knowing its magnificent thought utilities: ” If this is the free version and is so full , how much will bring the paid version and decided ? to risk buying it. my surprise was greater when the version installed on my server 2.Series , a tool designed by real professional programming , neat , friendly and light. ‘m convinced that I have an excellent and very professional website with a low cost. ‘m more than sure that I will be the envy of all my competition on the Internet .

    Needless to say I am happy with my new purchase , which I will bring great benefits to my company . Thank you very much to Jay and to Intersofts !

    Jose Ramirez – Venezuela

Coming up next

EcommDSS – web2print tools

We are working non-stop to add a brand new tool to jT CarFramework: web2print tools. What does this mean for you? - It means that you will be able to create, manage and edit printable goods through your browser, from your own administration panel. For instance, by creating your business card design, you can easily create business card for your employees or for yourself by using your master template. You can save as many versions of that design you need and send the Ready-to-Print PDF output to any printing company you wish! The stand-alone version of ECommDSS is already available for purchase on our shop, check it out!

Employee administrative tools

jT CarFramework is working on employee administrative tools. These administrative tools include holidays manager, employee accounting and notification system.

Outstanding support

No, we are not over estimating ourselves. We have a 100% satisfaction rating on direct support. How is that possible? – we do not waste your time with cheap talk. We expose the problem and deal with it systematically, letting our customers know exactly what is happening in all stages of development or support inquiry. We have earned our rating and appreciation by being direct, yet transparent with our customer.

jT CarFramework integration and customization

We are currently helping roughly a dozen companies integrate jT CarFramework 2 Series to become their website by creating an automated inventory import process or through deep customization of the framework. jT CarFramework has been proven one of the most flexible, inexpensive and successful car dealer solution for vehicle inventory.

Excited to start-up your car dealer company online?

We are here to help you. We have helped start-up car dealer companies all around the world by providing a hi-end inventory solution and IT consulting, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Live Support and 3rd level support.

Future updates

There are always new ideas and suggestions flowing through our inbox. Those ideas and suggestions are coming from experienced car dealers and auto traders who are suggesting implementation of new tools, development of related systems and integration with 3rd party systems. We listen and reply to all those requests.

With that said, you can surely expect an entire range of new updates in the future; ranging from web2print, employment management and 3rd party software integration.

Vision for the future

The vision for our future is not only to provide a platform solution that is great for car dealers but also affordable and reliable. We are always trying different approaches to existing solutions and investing in innovation. Our goal is to compete with the existing monopolized car deal software market by providing all the necessary tools for the medium-sized car dealer as well as start-up car dealers to be competitive. We are doing this by reducing the car dealer’s operational cost of professionally presenting their vehicle  inventory online with the latest web technologies.


Learn about out latest project: EcommDSS – Web2Print Design Studio

PronsPro CarDealer Software