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Our team of specialists thinks outside the box and doesn’t stick to website design and web applications. We are open to all ideas that involve design and development, technology and innovation. So, whether we’re talking about a car dealership system or a printing shop system, we’re here for you.


More services for 100% customer satisfaction

We are open to your ideas and concepts, and strive to offer exactly what you need within your budget. Here are some of the past custom projects we’ve worked on:

  • Marketing websites – designed to generate traffic, convert visitors, be easy to find and determine social interaction
  • Landing pages and sales letters
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Product catalogs
  • Membership programs
  • Car dealership programs
  • Printing shop systems

and more.

Custom projects in 5 easy steps

Our team loves working on custom projects, so feel free to contact us anytime you want. We just need a few details about your project, and, of course, your own input is welcomed. Here are the 5 steps we need to follow for a successful final result:

1. Gather details about the project – this step is very important because it is the foundation of the project; this is when we gather details and requirements and analyze every piece of info; we will set up meetings and discuss everything in detail; screenshots and other type of demos will help greatly.

2. Let the design begin – using the gathered info during the previous step, we set in motion the project and entrust our talented designers with the project; this is when tools, software, databases are chosen and masterminds start working.

3. Ready for development – now that the requirements are clear and the designs are ready, we can move to the development part; clients are involved during this step to make sure everything is as desired and there are no flaws with the project.

4. 1,2,3 Testing – the testing phase is vital for the project, so all the necessary measures are taken to make sure the client is satisfied with the result; first, we will test the product ourselves, correct any issues and retest it, and then we offer the client the chance to see the magic.

5. That’s it – Let’s implement – The final step is about product implementation and customer satisfaction.



Don’t be shy! Send us your projects and we’ll make them happen, as long as they are within our area of expertise (don’t worry!, our area is vast and complex). You can contact us here and tell us more about the custom projects you have in mind. Together will make the world a more technology savvy place!

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