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Free software

 Can I make profit through the services related to free open-source platform?

Sure you can!
What you may not do is to sell or claim copyrights over the platform itself in any way, shape or form. The best way of action is to contact us to ensure none of our policies are been overlooked.

 What about software documentation?

Our software has detailed documentation regarding all the tools available to the administrator. We also have released several video tutorials which should help you install and customize our solutions to feet your needs. None less, live support contact form is always at your reach.

 How do I apply for a job at

Send us your portfolio through our contact form along with a contact number. One of our personal department employees will contact you within 48hrs to confirm your appliance.

 How do I get an invoice for my project?

Invoices for all your approved or/and complete projects will always be available for download through your account. In addiction, if you use PayPal, you also will receive a PayPal invoice with a tracking number which you can use to append to our invoice.

 How safe is for me to pay with my credit card?

We do not take any credit card information. In order to provide a reliable and safe transaction, we use the 3rd party payment system

 How do I place my project at

If you are not a registered client yet, your starting point will be one of the following:

1. using our quote form (at the bottom of the page), you may describe your project. You will get a reply from one of our project managers within hours.
2. register a free account and use our project management tools to place your project. The difference from the above method is, your project management tools provides more options and allows you to organize your project with the assistance of a developer.

 How do delivers a project?

All projects are made available through the customer's project dashboard where it can be downloaded, unless the project total file size is greater than 20MB. In ether case, we deploy using one of the following methods:

- BitBucket repository (ownership of repository turned over to client upon payment)
- Email (if applicable)
- Through customer dashboard

Other delivery methods may be applied depending on customer's preference.

 How do I place a support ticket and how do I track the status of issues?

Your account dashboard provides you with a ticket system and communication tools which offers tools to place and track any issues. We also accept support requests through the following:

- Skype
- Whatsapp
- Facebook messenger
- Email
- Phone

 What are the primary differences between your Silver, Gold, and Platinum Support Contracts?

Here is an overview of our support packages. Prices given are per machine/per month:

Silver Support

Unlimited Email and Telephone Support
Event log monitoring
Disk space and fault state status monitoring
Web based ticketing and case management
Software license management

Gold Support – All the benefits of Silver including:

Unlimited Remote Desktop Support
Unlimited in-lab diagnostics and repair
Software troubleshooting for patch management, application installs, and updates.

Platinum - Include all Golden and Silver benefits.

Web based software installation / deployment for services and products
Exclusive downloadable content

 What are the support limitation(s)?

We fully support our softwares.
The conditions imposed for such support are defined below:

- full support by email
- TeamViewer
- Google Hangout
- Skype
- in-house visit (visit cost not included/chargeable).

- email
- TeamViewer
- Google Hangout
- Skype

Fixes notifications can be found on the administration Dashboard.

Free consulting:
limited to question -> answers by e-mail or contact form.

Partnership / Contributors:
full support by any communication means, 24/7.

Projects (customization, theme, consulting, etc):
full support by any communication means limited by contract (ie. 4 hrs week).

If you have questions about support and/or contact, don't hesitate in asking us.

 Where can I find help or developers willing to customize my software?

You can always find help right here. If you don't find an answer in this website, you can always contact us through the contact form. We prioritize all support related questions which might take between 1 to 14 hours.

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