jT CarFramework: building mobile detector module

Walk through building the 1.x series mobile detector.

jT CarFramework 1.x series: User Documentation

Video documentation for 1.x series.

jT CarFramework 1.x: Installation + new features

Installation review and new features presentation.

jT CarFramework: working on 1.x upgrade live

Working live on 1.x series update.

jT CarFramework: adding VIN validation. Live coding

Adding VIN validator on version 1.4.

jT CarFramework: notices & warnings fix

1.x series notices and warnings handler.

jT CarFramework: version 1.3.0 review

1.x series review.

Buiding jT CarFramework Theme

Building Theme package for 1.x series.

jT CarFramework Installing version 1.2.0

1.x series installation review.