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After searching and searching the internet for different scripts website, I finally found one that really worth. I have found with this powerful , attractive, dynamic and above all very easy to install and use. I speak of jT Framework, first I opted for the free version, but once I installed on my server and knowing its magnificent thought utilities: ” If this is the free version and is so full , how much will bring the paid version and decided ? to risk buying it. my surprise was greater when the version installed on my server 2.Series , a tool designed by real professional programming , neat , friendly and light. ‘m convinced that I have an excellent and very professional website with a low cost. ‘m more than sure that I will be the envy of all my competition on the Internet .

Needless to say I am happy with my new purchase , which I will bring great benefits to my company . Thank you very much to Jay and to Intersofts !

PS: I apologize for my bad English , only the Spanish domino . :)

Jose Ramirez  – Táchira, Venezuela

Work of a genius! No kidding, I never imagined to find this kind of software offering the support it has, providing the tools it does by the price it has! No more monthly payment, no more IT tickets! I control my own inventory, host my own site and have better tools than my previous provider. All I still pay for is my CRM list which this amazing product allows me to automate! Simply awesome!
Jay, guys like me loves the honesty and competence of guys like you. Keep it up!

Kind regards from New Jersey – USA

“Best FREE! Car Dealership Inventory Management Website!”I had been searching for a website template to promote our Motor Vehicles on the web, knowing that I would have to find a decent website builder, and pay plenty, not only to build and host, but manage with regular upgrades.JT CAR FRAMEWORK has solved my problem, not only can I do it myself!! but at no cost other than hosting charges.Thank you Jay and Devi Team

A very satisfied and grateful user from,

South Pacific


Fantastic designer, extremely fast, very professional and has a very high standard work. No arguments or conflicts, provided me with three superb designs and made all necessary revisions to the final design without any complaints (considering the fact I’m a very fussy person). I will definitely use Intersofts in the future for my own and future client work. I was also provided with a clear copyright document which a few other designers have not done in the past without me asking.

leventdesign UK

best car Dealership Inventory Management Website with a really diligent, puissant, self-contained. The admin (jay) who answered and helped me in any time with any problem.
The website has too many features with simple coding to manage your website based your wishes. I really learned php programming form reviewing some codes of jt carframework.

With special thanks to jay.


Good design and delivery on time.


Very skilled, worked was professional, very patient providing several project versions. Provided with all the files/sources files, copyright. I would not hesitate to recommend!

Jame F.C. – United Kingdom
Jame F.C.

Great support, custom functions for a fast business.
A great help to the used car market. The best useful idea to manage vehicles and people interested to buy or sell the own car! Wonderful project to create a business in a local area.

AEMMEdia - Italy