Setting MOD Rewrite on IIS Server

Due many requests, we are setting up a small tutorial to help you setup your Rewrite statements in order to use jT CarFramework on Windows Server.

The process is rather simple (once you know  how):

I. Open the IIS Manager

II. Click on the site

III. Click on the URL Rewrite icon (see image below)

IV. Copy the .htaccess rules into it


That’s it! You should have it working now but, don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have further issues.

Notice: – please be aware that we work with Apache. Our support to IIS is limited. Better settings reference can be found at Microsoft’s webiste.



UPDATE JUNE 17th 20147

The following is an illustration of how to import your .htaccess into your IIS (7.x).


STEP 1. Highlight the domain which you want to apply the rule from the website menu on the left side of your screen. Click the URL Rewrite module (if you don’t have the icon, it means you must install it first).

IIS step 1





STEP 2. On the left side or your screen, click the “Import Rules…” from the “Inbound Rules” tab.

IIS Step 2




STEP 3. Click the “Import” button and navigate to the .htaccess located on the root installation of your jt CarFramework installation. Apply the changes and you should be good to go!

IIS step 3


  1. Bongz

    Hi, the steps described above are incomplete,Could you be so kind to provide a more detailed process on how to do this with pics please. What to do once you have opened URL Rewrite?

    1. Jay

      I’ve updated the page. Check it out above.

  2. Bongz

    Thank you so much Jay, I followed the above mentioned steps and it worked like a charm.

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