PronsPro Framework development.

PronsPro Framework Development

Test PronsPro Demo


We are putting a lot of efforts to get our new Framework ready and tested. This new Framework (codename PronsPro) will serve as platform to develop two distinct systems, one towards web to print industry and, the car dealership industry.

Initially, we are developing PronsPro with generic functionality such as blog system, page and menu management, advertise management, customer management, shopping cart and, many others. All modules currently been implemented will serve to both industries equally as optional tools which can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.

Once the framework its finished been developed and tested, we will branch the development towards the industries mentioned above which then, will receive specific updates on already built modules plus, modules specific to its industry.

Why web to print and car dealership?

We already have the tools, knowledge and technology required for both branches. We have been developing Rich Internet Application (also known as RIA) for both branches for the past 3 years and, in collaboration with business owners in both branches, we acquired the necessary knowledge to deploy a solution which fits the needs of each branch.

Samples of RIAs developed by us can be found in this website and on our portfolio page.

Development schedule

PronsPro Framework it’s been in daily development and test for the past one and half year. A stable and strong foundation is extremely important in order to support its building. PronsPro is exactly that. The foundation.

PronsPro project it’s been 100% developed and financed by Although its development is done daily, restrains on finance enlarges the development and test schedules.


There is no fixed data for release yet but, PronsPro Framework will be available for online test (demo) within the next 4 months.


At this point, the only contribution PronsPro welcomes are ideas. The current development phase where functionality and tools can be add to the framework’s core is right now. If you like to contribute with ideas for tools which could be generally useful, don’t hesitate to tell us about it.

Questions, critics and suggestions

Interacting with you is what makes competitive. You’re mostly welcome to speak your mind here!


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