jT CarFramework 2 Features

jT CarFramework 2 Series is a web-software developed exclusively to help car dealers to manage their online inventory in a friendly and efficient way.
The interface was design to provide maximum efficience by allocating the main tools into short-cuts which can be easily accessed by the administrator’s dashboard.

Below is a compreensive list of jT CarFramework 2 Series features:

Administration Features

The administrator have a huge array of tools to help manage your car inventory. Each featured is described below:



Notification system Notifies the administrator regarding actions waiting to be handled.
Inventory search Allows you to easily search any vehicle within your inventory by keyword.
Inventory Graph Display a graphical representation of vehicles registered on your inventory.
User Group Graph Display a graphical representation of user registered on your web-site sorted by groups.
Shortcuts Large shortcut icons to give you easy access to the most used tools.
Trends Displays the most viewed vehicles to assist you on your purchase decisions.

Search tools

Search user Allows you to easily locate any registered user.
Search vehicle Allows you to easily locate any vehicle within your inventory.


Address book Allows you to maintain your business contact information.
User accounts Manage users registered to your web site.
Account inventory settings Define the amount of vehicles each user can add to your inventory.
IP Black-list Block any IP from accessing your web-site.

Support ticket

Manage tickets Manage support tickets placed by your registered users.

Vehicle Management System

Add new vehicle form Add a new vehicle to your inventory through a 5 steps form.
Add vehicle by VIN Allows you to pre-fill the new vehicle form by providing the VIN number of the vehicle. This module requires you to subscribe for a free Edmunds API key.
Import CSV list Allows you to import vehicles from a CSV list, usually acquired at your CRM.
Automate CSV import list Allows automation for importing the CSV list through Cron-Job (Linux server).
Vehicle reservation manager Easily locate and manage vehicles reserved by your users.
Reservation policy Manage the policy and conditions in which vehicles on your inventory can be reserved.


Banner manager Add or remove banner image from your home page.
Testimonial manager Manage your customer’s testimonials.
Our Staff Page Allows you to set mini-profiles from your employees.


New post Write a new blog post.
Post manager Manage your blog entries.
Comment manager Manage comments placed by visitors and readers.

F.A.Q. Manager

New FAQ Write a FAQ (frequent asked question) entry.
FAQ manager Manage your FAQ entries.

Content Management System (CMS)

Manage pages Allows you to manage the pages you have create.
Create new page Create new unique page.
Manage static pages Add content to module pages such as login, register, etc.
Top menu manager Assign pages to the top menu bar.
Terms of use content Edit you business Terms of Use policy.
Privacy policy content Edit you business Privacy policy.

Send e-mail

Send Newsletter Allows you to send newsletter to all users registered to your newsletter module.
Manage newsletter registration Manage users registered to your newsletter list.
Create new email theme Allows you to create and edit the theme used to send emails to your visitors and users.


Settings Allows you to customize your website and set default such as currency and language.
Allows you to check your google page rank.
Log report Allows you to keep track to ALL process information, warnings and, errors occurred on your system.
Language pack Installer Allows you to install new language packs and, offers a friendly interface that allows you to translate the software to your own language.

3rd Party Modules

PrettyPhoto Settings Allows you to customize the way your light-box is displayed.

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