Introducing Web2Print to jT CarFramework 2 Series

We’ve been working hard to ensure the stability and reliability of jT CarFramework to make sure we provide you with the best we can offer but, we previously stated, we’re not done yet!

Thanks for the countless critics, suggestions and ideas we get from jT CarFramework users world wide, we are prioritizing modules of areas which will help the dealer to save time, resource and, consequently money.
This is why we are working on a web2print solution to be integrated to our platform.
In resume, a web2print application is a online software which allows you to create printable products through a web-browser and that’s what EcommDSS does.
EcommDSS allows you to create printable resources through your own back-office which generates ready-to-print PDF leads. What that means for your business? – Means that you will no longer need to hide a graphic designer to make changes on your company’s printable resources such as business cars, notebooks, etc.
For example, you can create a main design for a business card (called template) than, edit this template in EcommDSS to change names, phone numbers, etc. All directly from your back office!

ecommdss interface
Than, you can save the changes and download the lead which you will use to print your cards through any printing company or even using your own printer.
EcommDSS can handle product sizes up to US LETTER size, down to business card size.
It also supports multiple sides (or pages) and is compatible with your mobile device or tablet!

EcommDSS will be available on the next jT CarFramework 2 Series upgrade (version 2.7). If you wish to be notified upon release, just let us know through our contact form.

You can have a taste of what EcommDSS will allow you to do here.
EcommDSS is a simple-mode version of our main web2print solution which you can test here.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome week!


  1. Steve

    Hello, I would like to receive updates on the project status. Thank you.

    1. Jay

      Sure, we will write you as soon as we have the release ready. Thank you for your interest!

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