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Don’t hesitate in contacting us for further support!

Can I make profit with services related to the platform?

Sure you can! I’ve built this platform so you (developer) may found yourself having another source of income and you (car-dealer / trader) may save lots of buck and own your own platform also, give opportunity to developers all around the world to make their living.

What you may not do is to sell the platform itself in any way or form.

Where can I find help or developers willing to customize my installation?
You can always find help right here. If you don’t find an answer in this website, you can always contact us through the contact form or by Skype: jay.taniguchi.

We prioritize all support related questions which might take between 1 to 4 hours.

What about documentation?

jT CarFramework 2 series has a detailed documentation regarding all the tools available to the administrator. We also have released several video tutorials which should help you install and customize jT CarFramework to feet your needs. None less, live support through Skype (jay.taniguchi) is always at your reach.

I got an error on view/page/admin-home.php on line 104 using version 1.4 (or inferior).

This error is caused because your server has php short tags set to off. Now, there are 4 things you can fix that:

1st WAY

on the .htaccess, add the code php_value short_open_tag 1 on the last line. It will override your php.ini configuration and allow short tags to be used;

2nd WAY

go to your php.ini and turn php short tag On.

3th WAY

Open the file view/page/admin-home.php and scroll to line 103. Replace <? by


Download the update package here and update your installation through the tool “Update Installer” (located on your administrator’s left menu on the bottom). That will fix the problem for you.

If you have any question or problem fixing it don’t hesitate in contacting us!

Got an error on the installer (installer/index.php:1000). What to do?
This issue is caused by the number of bytes an index can hold on the database. Although this doesn’t happen in most servers, it has an easy fix as follows:

Open the file installer/index.php and browse to line 980.
Remove the two lines where says UNIQUE and KEY
Save the file and refresh your browser.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

I got an error uploading images. What can I do?

Image errors usually happens when you upload a file which is not supported by the platform (tif, psd, etc) or the destination directory is set to read-only.

The platform works with Internet image formats (PNG, JPG and GIF). Any other format is ignored. Also, trying to upload JPEG files will also trigger the same error.

If your upload directory is set to read-only, make sure to change it to read & write before trying again.

Installer got an error : Warning: fopen(../config.php). How to fix it?

It means that the installer have no permission to write files on the root directory. Make sure the installer has write permission in your server.

I got an 500 error after uploading the files to my server. What can I do?

Each hosting provider manages its servers in a different way regarding how .htaccess files can override default settings. jT CarFramework uses all possible settings to improve security but, in some occasions, the hosting provider does not enable certain modules necessary for the platform to run.

Follow the steps to check if your host has the requirements necessary to run jT CarFramework based on the list below:

  • cURL Mod
  • ModRewrite
  • allow_url_fopen()
  • SimpleXML
  • ZipArchive Module
  • PHP 5.3 or superior
  • Allow .htaccess
  • GDLib Module

If your host complies with the requirements above, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

What are the support limitation(s)?
  • We fully support our solutions. The conditions imposed for such support are defined below:
  • Installation: full support by email, TeamViewer, Google Hangout, Skype, visit* free of cost.
  • Bug: full support by  email, TeamViewer, Google Hangout, Skype. Fix packages are released to all jT CarFramework users. Fixes notifications can be found on the administration Dashboard user “Updates”
  • Free consulting: limited to question -> answers by e-mail or contact form.
  • Partnership / Contributors: full support by any communication means, 24/7.
  • Projects (customization, theme, consulting, etc): full support by any communication means limited by contract (ie. 4 hrs week).

If you have questions about support and/or contact, don’t hesitate in asking us.


  1. Cherif.brouri@gmail.com


    Sorry for my silly questions, :

    - Why this web platform is free?
    - Can we link it automatically to a Dealer management system?
    - Where our Data’s and website will be hosted??

    Thanks & best regards
    Hello Cherif,
    answering your questions in the order you’ve asked:
    A. The platform is distributed in 2 different license types depending on the version you choose. The 1.5.2 and 1.6.x are free open-source software which you can download through our download section without any cost or obligation. The second (v. 2 series) is a commercial software which must be purchased through our shop.
    A. The 1 Series is open-source therefore, such “link” can be built without problems. The 2 Series comes with ADF integration which allows the platform to notify the DMS automatically.The live there can be found here http://demo.intersofts.com/ and the commercial documentation here http://intersofts.com/booklet.pdf.
    A. You may host the platform wherever you want. There are no obligations regarding hosting. If you prefer, we can manage the hosting for you through BlueHost services.

    Don’t hesitate in contacting us for any further questions you might have. Kind regards!

  2. Daniel


    I don’t understand does Car Framework editing is allowed in license and is it allowed to use it?

    1. Jay

      Hello Daniel,
      I didn’t understood what you mean. Could you please clarify?

      1. Daniel

        Hi Jay,

        When i download jT CarFramework, is it allowed to edit design and add new features to it?

        Hope you now understand me:)

        1. Jay

          Hi Daniel,
          yes, you are allowed to change things around as you see fit.

  3. oscar

    wich web hosting company you recommend for this plataform?

    1. J. Taniguchi

      Hello Oscar, we recommend bluehost.com for shared server. The reason is, we find bluehost Apache configuration more “friendly” to developers than servers such as iPage or Godaddy. For example, ModRewrite is enable by default and requires no extra efforts.
      If you have a dedicated server, we recommend a Linux system.
      Kind regards.

  4. oscar

    Thank You J!

    1. J. Taniguchi

      You’re mostly welcomed!

  5. oscar

    how about the SEO, google indexing etc in this plataform ( jT CarFramework 2 )
    it is friendly? automatic?

    1. J. Taniguchi

      Hello Oscar,
      applicable SEO features has been applied (such as mobile version, alt tags, etc) but, SEO depends mostly on the quality of text, quantity of pages, blog entries and, many other factors which cannot be automate.

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