Features: 2 Series


jT CarFramework 2 Series was design to not only support your own vehicle online inventory but, also to allow other car dealers to add vehicles to your inventory as well. Each registered dealer can manage his own vehicle(s) but, you (administrator) may manage all vehicles regardless of ownership. The registered dealer has its own dashboard containing all the tools necessary to manage an online vehicle inventory.
Also, but not least, you (administrator) may specify the amount of vehicles added to your inventory which means, you may assign a X amount of inventory slots to each registered user registered user individually adding more control over your online inventory.

jT CarFramework 2 Series makes use of Twitter BootStrap and jQuery to add style and interactivity.


For administrators

  • Search tab
    • Search user list: Allows you to quickly locate a registered user.
    • Search vehicle on inventory: Allows you to quickly locate a vehicle on your inventory.
  • Account tab
    • Address book: Allows you to organize keep track of your clients. It provides an e-mail tool so you can send e-mail with a click of a button and, a note area so you make make reserved notes.
    • User account: Manage all of your registered users. You may set designate an account to a normal account (user) or dealer account from this area.
    • Account inventory settings: Allows you to define the amount of “vehicle slots” each user is allow to add to your inventory.
    • IP Black list: Allows you to block access by IP address. Blocked IPs are automatically redirected back to google.com.
  • Support ticket tab
    • Manage tickets: Allows you to manage support tickets placed by your registered users. It’s a great way to provide support.
  • Vehicle Management System (VMS) tab
    • Add new vehicle form: Provides you with a 4 step form to help you register a new vehicle to your inventory, including images.
    • Add new vehicle by VIN: Allows you to register a vehicle by VIN number. This tool fetches the vehicle information through Edmunds API and pre-fill the vehicle registration form.
    • Import CSV list: The CSV list importer allows you to import up to 150 vehicles at one go. The actual number of vehicles may exceed or be less depending of your server’s configuration. It also provides information of how to automate the import process using cronjob. Cronjob automation supports most of CRM lists such as V12 and Edmunds.
    • Inventory manager: Allows you to easily manage all vehicles on your inventory. For easy manipulation, the price field can be edit on-place!
    • Featured icon manager: To improve visual impact, we’ve add a set of icons to identify features such as Rims, stereo, etc. You can add as many icons you want!
    • Manage reserved vehicles: If you allowed you buyers to reserve vehicles, this is where you will manage the reservations.
    • Reservation policy manager: Edit your reservation policy to let buyers know DOs and DON’Ts when reserving a vehicle.
  • Front-end tab
    • Banner manager: Manage your front-page banner images.
    • Testimonial manager: Manage your customer testimonials displayed on your Testimonials page.
    • Our Staff Page: Let your customers know how they are talking with. It provides trust and enhance your services!
  • Blog tab
    • New post: Write a new blog entry for your site.
    • Post manager: Manage all the articles you wrote in one spot!
    • Comment manager: Manage the comments add to your blog pages.
  • Frequent Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) tab
    • New FAQ: Write a new FAQ entry.
    • Manage FAQ: Manage your FAQ entries.
  • Content Management System (CSM) tab
    • Manage pages: Manage the pages you have created.
    • Create new page: Create unlimited number of pages.
    • Manage static pages: Allows you to add content to module pages such as contact, home page, etc.
    • Top menu manager: Organize your page’s top menu in any way you want. You may use static (modules) or pages you’ve created in any order.
    • Left menu manager: Manage the left menu by adding or removing links to make your customers navigation easier.
    • Terms of use content: Edit your site’s Terms of Use and Services.
    • Privacy Policy content: Privacy is very important. Let your customers know how you deal with privacy.
  • Send e-mail tab
    • Send Newsletter: Let your customers know what’s new by sending them newsletter!
    • Manage newsletters registration: See the users registered to your newsletters.
    • Create a new email theme: Allows you to create email templates used to send newsletters, contact information, registration email, etc.
    • Manage email themes: This is the place where you can manage all your email themes.
  • Widgets tab
    • Manage widgets: Edit or uninstall previously added widgets.
    • Install widget: This is where you install them!
  • System tab
    • Settings: Allows you to control all aspects of your website. Change logo, favicon, currency, etc.
    • Google page rank tool: Check your Google PR anytime!
    • Server disc space: Working with image can bring a heavy load on your server. This tool allows you to visualize how many disc space you still have free.
    • Log report manager: Any system notification or errors are logged here. I mean, ALL OF IT!
    • Language pack installer: Allows you to install language packages to your website and/or create your own language package through the LPI (language pack interface).
  • 3RD Party Module
    • jQUery PrettyPhoto Settings: Allows you to set themes and extra configuration for the PrettyPhoto module used for modal content display (such as image gallery and alerts).
  • Dashboard (home)
    • Notification system: Alerts you of pending actions.
    • Inventory status: Allows you to quickly search a vehicle and display a graphical reference of your inventory.
    • Group status: Displays a graphical reference of your registered users and dealers.
    • Shortcuts: Displays the most used tools in big icons so you can easily locate tools by visual reference.
    • Most viewed vehicles: Learn from your own visitors which vehicles they are mostly attracted so you can improve your fleet and help you make better purchase decisions.

For registered user

  • Dashboard
    • Inventory status: Allows users to search for vehicles on inventory.
    • Shortcuts: Big icons used to highlight the most common tools. It also allows users to write testimonials and manage reserved vehicles.
  • My Account
    Allows users to subscribe to newsletters and remove the account.
  • Settings
    Allow users to manage their personal information and change the account’s password.
  • My inventory
    Users are also allowed to sell their vehicles. This is where the can manage the vehicles they’ve add to your inventory.
  • My reservation
    Allow users to view the vehicle and dealer details when they reserve a vehicle.
  • My Favorites
    Allow users to manage vehicles they’ve add to the favorite list.
  • Support
    Allow users to write support tickets.

For registered dealers

  • Account tab
    • My account: Allow dealers to edit they’re account’s profile.
    • Account settings: Allows for newsletter subscription/unsubscription and, account removal.
  • Support tab
    • Open a support ticket: Allows the dealer to quickly write a support ticket.
    • My support tickets: Allows the visualization and management of tickets.
  • Vehicle Management System (VMS) tab
    • Add new vehicle form: Add a new vehicle to the inventory. The number of vehicles added to inventory is limited by the administrator.
    • Add new vehicle by VIN: Available to dealers only if administrator enables the VIN validation tool.
    • Import CSV list: Allow dealers to import several vehicles in one go.
    • Inventory manager: Allow dealers to search and manage they’re vehicles.
    • Manage reserved vehicles: Allows the dealer to manage vehicle reservations.
  • Dashboard
    • Inventory status: Allows the dealer to quickly search for a vehicle and visualize the inventory through chart.
    • Shortcuts: Displays big icons for the most used tools to allow visual identification.

jT CarFramework Series: compare versions


1.x Series 2.x Series
Admin. search user by keyword Cross Checked
Admin. search vehicle by keyword Cross Checked
Address book Cross Checked
User account management Checked Checked
IP Black list Cross Checked
Support ticket system Cross Checked
Add vehicle form (step-by-step) Checked Checked
Add vehicle by VIN number Checked Checked
Import vehicle CSV list Checked Checked
Import CSV list automation (cron-job) Cross Checked
Inventory manager Checked Checked
Vehicle feature icons Checked Checked
Template system Checked Cross
Vehicle reservation system Checked Checked
Banner manager Checked Checked
Advertise management system Cross Checked
Testimonial management system Cross Checked
Our Staff profile page Cross Checked
Blog system Cross Checked
F.A.Q. management system Cross Checked
Content Management System Checked Checked
Module page CMS / SEO Checked Checked
Developer Controller Interface (PHP/JS/CSS) Cross Checked
Drop-down menu management system Cross Checked
Side bar menu management system Checked Checked
Terms of use content management Checked Checked
Privacy policy content management Checked Checked
E-mail template management system Checked Checked
Newsletters system Checked Checked
Contact inbox management Checked Checked
Quote form Cross Checked
Language translation interface (LTI) Cross Checked
Multi-language support Checked Checked
System configuration interface (SCI) Checked Checked
Customer accounts (unlimited) Checked Checked
Dealership accounts (unlimited) Cross Checked
Account inventory limitation management Cross Checked
Google Page Rank tool Cross Checked
Server disk space tool Cross Checked
System log reporting Checked Checked
Language pack installer Checked Checked
Bootstrap Checked Checked
jQuery Checked Checked
PrettyPhoto Checked Checked
Dashboard graphs Cross Checked
Dashboard shortcuts Cross Checked
Export inventory tool Cross Checked
Auto site-map generator Checked Checked
Auto RSS generator Checked Checked
Open-source (no source code encryption) Checked Checked
License Free Commercial
Free Support (for bugs or installation issues) Checked Checked
Free training / exclusive demo Cross Checked
V12 compatible Checked Checked
AutoTrader.com compatible Cross Checked

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