Features: 1 Series

jT CarFramework 1.x series Features

Attention: the feature list is not up-to-date. New features are been implemented on the upcoming version.

- News
* Create and manage news

- Newsletter
* Send newsletters through your administrator’s account

- CMS (content management system)
* create and manage unlimited menus
* create and manage unlimited menu anchors
* create and manage unlimited number of pages

- SEO friendly
* Edit meta tags for static and CMS pages (title, keywords, description, etc)

- Car Manager
* add and manage vehicles
* allow users to make vehicle reservation (includes ON/OFF switch option and
reservation manager)
* automatically adjusts uploaded car images to fit your page proportionally
* add 3rd party video media as part of your vehicle’s showcase
* vehicle images sorted into interior and exterior view
* outstanding feature icons available for your vehicles

- Feature icon
* dozens of free feature icons available
* add and manage new feature icons

- Contact
* receive contact messages by email
* contact messages can be read, managed and replied through your
administrator’s account
* write email to your users
* create and manage email templates to be used on your newsletters and
contact emails

- Framework
* Complete control over what you wish to allow users to see in your webpage
* Manage user’s accounts
* Friendly interface for your Terms of use and privacy policy
* Error log manager control to make sure everything is running just fine!

- Modules
* jQuery
* PrettyPhoto
* CKEditor
* CKFinder
* Google embed font

- Installation
* Fill a 8 field form and click a button. You are ready to go!

- and much more!
* access the demo and check it out for yourself!

Go to demo page now

jT CarFramework 1.x series it’s been featured at

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Download @Downloads.com (CNET #1 Inventory Software)http://download.cnet.com/jT-CarFramework/3000-2067_4-75960964.html?tag=mncol;9

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