Download jT CarFramework

Download jT CarFramework 1.x series.

Download jT CarFramework 2.x Series

Download jT CarFramework 2 Series Administrator documentation here.

2 Series is available for purchase at the shop section.

The new jT CarFramework Free/Open-Source to replace 1.x series

We are currently working on the new version to replace the 1.x series. The new software will be released at the same basis as the 1.x version.

Although the software will be kept free, development have high cost. If you already use the previous version and are interested on the new version, consider making a donation for the project here.


Download jT CarFramework 1.x Series

You can follow new update/upgrade package releases through your “Update Installer“ page.


Now that we have a stable release we will dedicate the next months to full document the platform and it’s modules. There are many video releases about how to do things regarding installation and customization. Make sure to check those out too (under Features->Videos). If you feel like you can contribute, check out this page.


Make sure your host supports ModRewrite and, ModSecurity allows forms to handle protocol on the action. This is specially true if you are using GoDaddy.


Version 1.6.3

README!  Version 1.6.3 contains the VIN Decoder pre-installed. If you do not wish to use the VIN Decoder, use version 1.5.2 (below).

Deprecated. No longer available for download. Try the new version here.

Version 1.5.2

README!  The list import must comply with the list sample included on the doc/ directory. Importing CSV lists that not comply with the standard may cause unknown errors!

Also notice that we are no longer supporting 1.5 versions.

Deprecated. No longer available for download. Try the new version here.


jT CarFramework license can be read  here. Common questions regarding the license can be found on the  F.A.Q.  section.