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jT carFramework DEMO

Download jT CarFramework 2 Series Administrator documentation here.

Login information
For the user panel, all you have to do is to create an account. If you don’t really feel like creating an account, you can use the following:

Registered user account
Password tester

To access the administrator panel,  use the following:

Administrator account

Password: tester

Dealer account ( 2 Series only )

Password: tester

If you wish to help us improve jT CarFramework even more, do not hesitate in contacting us through our contact from or, live chat!

Launch version 1.x series DEMO   Launch version 2 series DEMO



jT CarFramework version 2.0: features

  • Auto robots and sitemap generator (includes vehicle pages, blog posts, static and dynamic pages)
  • [NEW] Import list automatization – CronJob import list option under “Import CSV List”
  • Print vehicle page (PDF format  ready-to-print)
  • More inventory filter options
  • Auto-video generator: generates videos using the vehicle pictures
  • Language auto-detection
  • View counter for vehicle pages
  • Internal support ticket system
  • IP Blacklist and security improvements
  • Dealer account
  • Limit number of vehicles each user can upload to your inventory
  • Testimonial module
  • Our Staff module
  • ADF/XML mail notification

AND MANY MORE! Check it out!

Who is using it?

There are many companies around the world using jT CarFramework and many other services made available from IT companies and freelancers. Below you will find some samples.

BankField CarSales
Drayton Motors