Now days, it's imperative to have a presence online. Your company's online presence is viewed by customers as the company itself, in other words, your company will be judged based on how your website looks.

Dealership online inventory software

Dealership online inventory

Now days, it’s imperative to have a presence online. Your company’s online presence is viewed by customers as the company itself, in other words, your company will be judged based on how your website looks.
At first, it seems impractical to think that your company is “judged” by appearance but, consider this: the market industry exists exactly for this very purpose, to make your company look good and reliable.

So, why it is important to have your dealership inventory online? Because…

  • …extends your company’s reach to customers which, otherwise, would not know that your company exists.
  • …enhance profit
  • …allows your customers to interact with your company
  • …allows your company to run 24hrs per day (online)
  • …keeps your company competitive and up to date (technology wise)
  • …allows your customers and potential buyers to visualize the vehicle before hand

I could mention a couple of dozens more reasons but, I guess you got the idea, right?

If you are a dealership you know how competitive and expensive the market is. Most of the car dealers in North America rely heavily on systems such as V12 or AutoTrader which imposes a monthly cost for managing the dealership‘s inventory.
They also provide you with a website which, regrettably, is not attractive nor reliable. In sum, you depend on a 3rd party system to run your business, in a lot of cases, entirely.
Now, any good business manager or CEO would agree when I state that, relying your business on 3rd party solution has (at least), a high risk.

It’s understandable why one would comply with such conditions. Budget is one of the most common issues. Also, affordable reliable solution for online inventory is hard to find.

Building jT CarFramework 2 Series

The jT CarFramework project started as a small concept based in a car dealership located in United States. The entire project was placed as open-source, which means, free to download. That was a very important phase because, all tools developed at the time was a result of direct feedback from car dealerships.
The first version was released (0.0.9) as a free open-source project. The current free version (1.6) has 1 million+ downloads and references on websites like CNET ( and Softpedia (editor’s selection).

jT CarFramework 2 Series development started a couple of months after version 1.2 was released. Initially, it was meant to also be free. By that time, was been driven by donations and good will. Unfortunately, donations stopped but, the project survived by the developer’s own financing.
The 2 Series was entirely re-built from ground-up to fit trading and automation tools. 1.x Series was primarily designed to serve small and dealership which owned their own vehicles and had no need to hold other dealership’s inventory.

The entire project took one and half year to complete (beta version) and, another 7 months of testing. Today, 2 Series has achieved it’s prime state. It is a stable and reliable car dealer online inventory used by thousands of companies in 5 continents.
Because there wasn’t competitors on the market by the time 1.x Series was released, it became a hit instantly with more than 1000 downloads on the first month alone.
Another fact which many of our customers point out, we are the ONLY ones which provides a complete online demo which gives you access to the administration account without having to apply for it. Why? – because we are confident that our software is good enough to stand copy-cats by it’s stability.
Also (but not least), we are not sitting back and relaxing. We continue to support our products and, further developing new concepts while holding 100% satisfaction!

jT CarFramework Series: compare versions



1.x Series 2.x Series
Admin. search user by keyword Cross Checked
Admin. search vehicle by keyword Cross Checked
Address book Cross Checked
User account management Checked Checked
IP Black list Cross Checked
Support ticket system Cross Checked
Add vehicle form (step-by-step) Checked Checked
Add vehicle by VIN number Checked Checked
Import vehicle CSV list Checked Checked
Import CSV list automation (cron-job) Cross Checked
Inventory manager Checked Checked
Vehicle feature icons Checked Checked
Template system Checked Cross
Vehicle reservation system Checked Checked
Banner manager Checked Checked
Advertise management system Cross Checked
Testimonial management system Cross Checked
Our Staff profile page Cross Checked
Blog system Cross Checked
F.A.Q. management system Cross Checked
Content Management System Checked Checked
Module page CMS / SEO Checked Checked
Developer Controller Interface (PHP/JS/CSS) Cross Checked
Drop-down menu management system Cross Checked
Side bar menu management system Checked Checked
Terms of use content management Checked Checked
Privacy policy content management Checked Checked
E-mail template management system Checked Checked
Newsletters system Checked Checked
Contact inbox management Checked Checked
Quote form Cross Checked
Language translation interface (LTI) Cross Checked
Multi-language support Checked Checked
System configuration interface (SCI) Checked Checked
Customer accounts (unlimited) Checked Checked
Dealership accounts (unlimited) Cross Checked
Account inventory limitation management Cross Checked
Google Page Rank tool Cross Checked
Server disk space tool Cross Checked
System log reporting Checked Checked
Language pack installer Checked Checked
Bootstrap Checked Checked
jQuery Checked Checked
PrettyPhoto Checked Checked
Dashboard graphs Cross Checked
Dashboard shortcuts Cross Checked
Export inventory tool Cross Checked
Auto site-map generator Checked Checked
Auto RSS generator Checked Checked
Open-source (no source code encryption) Checked Checked
License Free Commercial
Free Support (for bugs or installation issues) Checked Checked
Free training / exclusive demo Cross Checked
V12 compatible Checked Checked compatible Cross Checked

Check our live demo for full features:

2 Series 1 Series

Don’t hesitate in contacting use for further information.






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