Contributors are always welcome! We need your understanding and help to keep things going.

This page is dedicated to all companies and people who helped me to achieve jT CarFramework through ideas, donations and other means.





Thank you for your interest in contributing to the jT CarFramework project! Contributors are the most valuable asset in any open-source project and are the sole force behind improvements to the platform and the community itself.
Please check out the project’s mission statement and guiding principles so you can direct your efforts effectively and in line with the project’s goal.

There are several areas in which you can provide assistance, listed below:

User support

No matter your skill level, you can give back by sharing what you know with other users needing support.


Whether you’re interested in providing fine grained documentation, writing step-by-step tutorials or, producing multimedia screen-casts to show people how the platform works, you will certainly be contributing to the project and at the same time, helping other users to achieve their goals.


jT CarFramework supports several languages. If you know another language, you can offer your skills to help this project grow.


If you have an eye for details, or even just a knack for breaking things, you can help with testing. Good testing directly contributes to the stability of the platform and is an excellent way for people of all backgrounds to make a valued contribution to the project.

Design and usability

Graphics is the important thing to take in account to any project. If you have experience to graphic design, you would be very welcomed!


Developer contributions and one of the main streams to move a project forwards. PHP developers are REALLY welcome to join in.


Donations helps me pay for professional work (such as graphics, translations, etc) and helps me maintain the the website (yes, the one you are in now). Our donation page is located here.

jT CarFramework exists to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet. But I’m just getting started! Through new technology and a lot or research, I’m always exploring new ways to implement or improve tools which will benefit you or your business!