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Business card Design Studio App

EcommDSS is a new app being developed to enhance even more the car dealer experience using jT CarFramework. The EcommDSS is an online design studio which allows its users to customize business cards (and other printable products) directly through your browser or mobile device.

This is part of an ongoing project which is expected to be released in March 2014.


Take a pick on EcommDSS  Download the output PDF





  • Create and design templates for your front end users through your administration panel
  • Easy integration with Google Fonts
  • Output is in a PDF ready-to-print format of 300DPI (high quality) with embed fonts
  • Simple and self-explanatory user interface
  • Host the software on your own web-server or shared host
  • Send the outputted file to whatever print company you want! Or print to your local printer / copier. No bindings or obligations!
  • Create text fields and add labels to them (ie. Company name, Address, City and Name labels)
  • Easy to add or extend functionalities
  • And much more!

The template metadata

We designed the template itself to be cross-platform compatible so it can be easily integrated into ANY FRAMEWORK, including Adobe inDesign Server.
The XML file itself is simple to understand and manipulate.

The very first version

[Feb. 20th, 2014] – I finally succeed! The version 1.0 is now live and can be viewed through the button above. EcommDSS generates a perfect replica of your design in PDF including all elements, colors, embed fonts and a trim box. All without any special module installed in your server. In other words, all you really need to use this software is a standard PHP server with GD library enabled (which is enabled by default).

Those who work with printing know what an amazing feat this is. But, we’re not stopping there! We certainly will extend the interface to include more functionality and options but, for now, it’s testing time!


  1. Antoine Abney

    I am very interested in the EcommDSS software and would like to be informed when it is ready.

    Thank you!

    1. Roger

      Hello Antoine,
      EcommDSS is almost ready for production. We are implementing a couple of new features and testing it but, we will notify you as soon as we release it.
      Kind regards, Team

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