4th July – Promo

Promo 4th JulyGet your copy of jT CarFramework 2 Series until 4th July 2014 and save 30% ($165 bucks!).  

jT CarFramework is a car dealer platform exclusively designed to support vehicle inventory. It was designed and developed using the latest web technologies to provide the viewer a smooth and pleasant experience.

Multi-language support

jT CarFramework was designed to supports multiple languages.

Easy to use Options Panel

There is a lot of settings available to the administrator to customize the information viewers can see, including currency format. Also, a built-in CMS is available for creation of content new pages and menus.

Vehicle management system

jT CarFramework vehicle management system allows you add new vehicles into your inventory and customize each of them to be attractive in a clean layout. Dozen of feature icons are available for you to help increase the visual impact on your offers. Also, you can use the CSV list importer to upload the list provided by auto-traders into your website.

Advetise manager

jT CarFramework allows you to add target advertise on the inventory page which is displayed every 2 entries. Set the start and end date of a campaign and track clicks on the advertise banner.

Check it live

Check our demo page


Purchase jT CarFramework 2 Series

Get you jT CarFramework 2 Series now and save up to $165 bucks!


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